We provide legal assistance in fiscal, finantial and personal matters, namely acquisition of a property in Portugal, like a legal search to guarantee that the property or land which you are purchasing has no outstanding fiscal or other debts or mortgages.

- The legal promissory contract and its signature

- Legal support in case of any litigation with the builder or third parties relating to your property during the purchase process

- Signing of the final deed

- Inscription of the transfer of the ownership at the public departments

- It also includes all meetings and time spent securing your purchase.

- Assistance after completion in regards to issues pertaining to your property,

- Office expenses: which includes the costs relating to phone conversations, photocopies, etc

- Fiscal Representation (being a non resident you are obliged to declare a fiscal represent to the authorities, if not the authorities can proceed with any subject without communicating to you through a letter)

  • Acquisition of a property
    Incorporation of companies (Portuguese or others)
    Fiscal advice
    Building contracts

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