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Steps to buy a property in Portugal

If you are buying a property in Portugal there are a few importants steps to proceed: first all the legal documents must be checked including the drawings of the house. Most people forget this important document but it is essential to find if the property is totally legalised or not. 

One of the things more important to do is be sure that all but all documents are originals issues by the competent authorities, and must had been issued not more than 3 months before. Habitation license must in this conditions as well.

A promissory note prepared by a Lawyer must be signed by the vendor and the buyer. In this contract it is established the actions to be made by each party until completion to happen. It is agreed the deadline to delivery the key and the day of the final payment.

The final contract must be signed in the presence of a notary.   

With the new legal rules there is the option of signning a final contract between vendor and buyer without a presence of the notary. It is called the "CASA PRONTA". We don´t agree with this due to several reasons: It is not true that, because it is not necessary to sign the final contract in the presence of the notary, that the legal expenses will be less. This is not correct.

People who defends the new sistem of CASA PRONTA forget that, buying a house using a draft contract which clauses are not possible to change as it is fixed, just to save around 200,00 euros (usually the legal expense of signning a contract witnessed by a notary) can cause serious damages to each party. The individuals interests are not considered and personal fiscal issues are not analised. Buying a house using CASA PRONTA is done in the presence of a person who usually has no  legal acknowledge. Buyers and sellers can find themselves eventually in future problems which solutions will have extra costs.

Also, it is not true that people with saving accounts for habitation purposes will have a cheaper process. This will only happen under special conditions: must be permanent habotation and the saving account must be more than a year.

At last, it is said that with casa pronta the provisory registration it is not needed.. This is false. There are several situations where it is totally advisable to proceed with this provisory registration. No one decides in a minute to buy a house therefore between the decison of buying and the final contract only the provisory registration can give safety to the buyer.

Steps to buy a property in Portugal

  Steps to buy a property in Portugal

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Steps to buy a property in Portugal

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