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We provide legal assistance in fiscal, finantial and personal matters, namely acquisition of a property in Portugal, like a legal search to guarantee that the property or land which you are purchasing has no outstanding fiscal or other debts or mortgages.

- The legal promissory contract and its signature

- Legal support in case of any litigation with the builder or third parties relating to your property during the purchase process

- Signing of the final deed

- Inscription of the transfer of the ownership at the public departments

- It also includes all meetings and time spent securing your purchase

- Assistance after completion in regards to issues pertaining to your property

- Office expenses: which includes the costs relating to phone conversations, photocopies, etc

- Fiscal Representation (being a non resident you are obliged to declare a fiscal represent to the authorities, if not the authorities can proceed with any subject without communicating to you through a letter)

Did you Know?

THAT OUR MAIN PRACTICE IS with foreign clients who require information about Portuguese law system. We really like to help in this matter. Providing information and help about a completely diferent system of which the client is usually insered. We feel how important we are for this clients who requires legal advice to prevent of several damages.

When we assist a client who is buying in Portugal as an overseas purchase our main goal is to make him total confident that his mais interests are protected.We feel happy if we feel that we can answer to all the questions that the client makes. We fully understand that if the client is making a investment abroad we need to assist him in a permanent and eficient way.

Quality Standards

We have a qualified team to assist the client in each subject using a system organised upon the last 10 years of experience in order to provide the best and appropriate assistance in respective matter.
For us your request is an order. We understand that our task is to make you feel safe in the purpose that made you looking for legal assistance.

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